?? eXmark Pioneer S-Series Mower Parts

Exmark Pioneer S-Series Mower Parts

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Exmark Pioneer S-Series Mower

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The Pioneer S-Series zero-turn mower mows grass like an Exmark. While it may seem like a trite thing to say, it’s not. Here’s why. Exmark is famous for building some of the highest quality zero-turn mowers available on the market today. Exmark mowers consistently leave behind perfectly manicured lawns.

The Pioneer S-Series is available in cutting deck widths from 44-inch to 60-inch. Some S-series mowers (the 48" and 52") have the UltraCut Series 3 mowing deck. The 60" Pioneer S features the UltraCut Series 4 deck, the same deck used on the larger LazerZ models.

Speeds up to 9 mph can be reached maximizing productivity on the job. Durable Kohler and Kawasaki engines are used in the S-Series powertrain. A bolstered seat with coil spring suspension comes standard while the PNS740KC604SS model gets a full suspension seat for ultimate comfort.

Safety is important to mower operators. The Exmark Pioneer uses operator presence controls and drive system interlock mechanisms to prevent accidents. A folding ROPS and seat belt are also on board. The two caster wheel yoke arms out in front of the mower are made of .38" thick steel. So tip your hat to Exmark quality.

Genuine replacement parts for Exmark mowers are sold on this site. If you have a specific parts question, ask us with our Parts Assistance service.

Here is a list of Exmark Pioneer S-Series Mower Models

  • PNS20KA443 S/N 920,000 & Up
  • PNS22KA483 S/N 920,000 & Up
  • PNS600KA443 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
  • PNS651KA483 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
  • PNS680KC523 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
  • PNS740KC604 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
  • PNS740KC604SS S/N 312,000,000 & Up
  • PNS600KA443 S/N 313,000,000 & Up
  • PNS651KA483 S/N 313,000,000 & Up
  • PNS680KC523 S/N 313,000,000 & Up
  • PNS740KC604 S/N 313,000,000 & Up