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We sell and ship Exmark Pioneer Zero-turn Mower Parts!

Exmark Pioneer series mowers are commercial grade zero turn mowers. The Pioneer E mowers have Exmark's UltraCut Series 2 side discharge deck in widths of 48" and 52". The height of the two hydraulically dampened steering control levers is adjustable. The mower's unibody frame is constructed of 2" square tubular steel. The front caster tires are size 3 x 5.0-6 and are pneumatic. Fuel capactiy is 7 gallons; the tank is fillable from a single port. The Pioneer S mowers have the UltraCut Series 3 deck on the 44", 48" and 52" mowers and the UltraCut Series 4 on the 60". Front tires are 13 x 5.0-6 size pneumatic tires; rear tires are size 22 x 9.5-12 or 23 x 10.5-12 SuperTurf tires. PTO engagement is handled by a MagStop electric clutch. The Pioneer has a contoured high-back seat with armrests and spring suspension. The parking brake is a lever-actuated pawl-style brake.

Here is a list of Exmark Pioneer Models

PNE22KA482 S/N 920,000 & Up
PNE24KA522 S/N 920,000 & Up
PNE651KA482 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
PNE651KA482 S/N 313,000,000 & Up
PNE691KA522 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
PNE691KA522 S/N 313,000,000 & Up
PNS20KA443 S/N 920,000 & Up
PNS22KA483 S/N 920,000 & Up
PNS600KA443 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
PNS600KA443 S/N 313,000,000 & Up
PNS651KA483 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
PNS651KA483 S/N 313,000,000 & Up
PNS680KC523 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
PNS680KC523 S/N 313,000,000 & Up
PNS740KC604 S/N 312,000,000 & Up
PNS740KC604 S/N 313,000,000 & Up
PNS740KC604SS S/N 312,000,000 & Up