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The Exmark Navigator. Now that’s different. At first glance you notice a marked difference in design. Various unique features set the Navigator apart from other commercial zero-turn mowers. Like all Exmark products, they are designed and built with a passion for excellence. In their own words, “Nobody Does It Better”.

The Navigator has a full-floating rear-discharge twin-blade cutting deck available in 42-inch and 48-inch widths. It is constructed of 10-gauge steel on top welded by a continuous bead to 7-gauge steel sides. The entire base of the deck is protected by a 3/16” wear guard. The blade spindles are driven by heavy-duty cast iron gearboxes.

A fill-reduction system is also a feature on the Navigator. A larger diameter blower creates more airflow for better vacuum and debris collection while a higher blade tip speed reduces grass clippings into finer particles. Designed with 2-sided cutting, the rear-discharge deck keeps walkways and flower beds free of clippings. The Navigator leaves a perfectly manicured clipping-free lawn while performing at speeds up to 7 mph. The fill-reduction system offers versatility for mulching and bagging. The deck can be set to bag or mulch 100% of the grass. You can also set it to mulch 66% and bag 33%. It’s up to you.

The mower is powered by a Kohler engine and has dual Hydro Gear pumps and H Series wheel motors. Zero-turn steering is hand-controlled by FeatherTouch drive levers.

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Exmark Navigator Mower Models

  • NAV20KC S/N 510,000-599,999 (2005)
  • NAV20KC S/N 670,000 & Up (2007)
  • NAV20KC S/N 720,000 & Up
  • NAV20KC S/N 790,000 & Up
  • NAV20KC S/N 850,000 & Up
  • NAV27KC S/N 510,000-599,999 (2005)
  • NAV27KC S/N 670,000 & Up (2007)
  • NAV27KC S/N 720,000 & Up
  • NAV27KC S/N 790,000 & Up
  • NAV27KC S/N 850,000 & Up
  • Navigator Decks S/N 510,000-599,999
  • Navigator Decks S/N 600,000-669,999
  • Navigator Decks S/N 670,000 & Up
  • Navigator Decks S/N 720,000 & Up
  • Navigator Decks S/N 790,000 & Up
  • Navigator Decks S/N 850,000 & Up
  • Navigator S/N 510,000-599,999
  • Navigator S/N 600,000-669,999
  • Navigator S/N 670,000 & Up
  • Navigator S/N 720,000 & Up
  • Navigator S/N 790,000 & Up
  • Navigator S/N 850,000 & Up
  • NV20KC S/N 920,000 & Up
  • NV27KC S/N 920,000 & Up
  • NV640KC S/N 312,000,000 & Up
  • NV730EKC S/N 312,000,000 & Up
  • NV740KC S/N 312,000,000 & Up