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Exmark Lazer Z Propane Mower Parts

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Exmark Lazer Z Propane Mower

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Exmark's Lazer Z propane-powered mowers are an eco-friendly alternative to gas mowers. Propane is a Green Alternative Fuel. It produces 20% to 25% less green house gas than gasoline. These Exmark Lazers are equipped with 10.3 gallon DOT-compliant propane tanks. When a tank gets empty, you simply switch it out for a refilled one from your local propane supplier. With a Kohler Command EFI closed loop engine, the Exmark propane Lazer is even more fuel efficient than other mowers with carbureted propane engines. The engines are easy to start, too, with an ECU controlled fuel lock-off; you don't have to choke the engine to get it to start. The best thing about the Exmark propane models is that operational costs are typically much lower than comparable gasoline powered mowers. Propane power is the most unique feature, but all the other Exmark Lazer Z features are there as well: heavy duty canister air filtration system, exclusive unitized pump and wheel motors with integrated cooling fans and shock valve, heavy no-maintenance blade spindles, adjustable hydraulic-dampened steering levers and a deluxe bolstered operator seat.

Genuine factory parts for Exmark. If you have a specific parts question, ask us with our Parts Assistance service.

Here is a list of Exmark Lazer Z Propane Mower Models

  • LZZ29KA606LP S/N 850,000 & Up
  • LZAS29KA604LP S/N 850,000 & Up
  • LZAS29KA724LP S/N 850,000 & Up
  • LZS29PKA604 S/N 920,000 & Up
  • LZS29PKA606 S/N 920,000 & Up
  • LZS29PKA724 S/N 920,000 & Up