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We sell and ship Exmark Explorer Zero-turn Mower Parts!

Here is some information about the Exmark Explorer zero turn mower. To order parts for your Explorer, you'll need to know the machine's model number and serial number. You should fiind the serial number plate on the right side of the mower, on the rear frame gusset. The mower deck has a separate serial number plate that's either just to the inside of the rear edge of the right blade guard, or somewhere on the right side of the deck. The Explorer has a flywheel alternator 15 amp charging system, a 12-volt battery with negative ground polarity,a replaceable inline fuel filter and a fuel shut-off valve. The Exmark Explorer also has a safety interlock system that requires the operator to be on the seat when the mowing blade PTO switch is engaged. The system also requires that the parking brake is engaged when the engine is started and automatically shuts off the engine when the grass catcher is tipped up. The hydrostatic drive system operates with two variable displacement hydrostatic pumps. Hydraulic oil capacity is about 2.1 quarts. The full floating Exmark Explorer out-front deck is removable for servicing. Some Explorer models came with a 44" or 52" rear discharge mowing deck. Others had a 52" side discharge deck.

The Exmark Explorer embodies a different machine design than its fellow Exmark mowers. Its unique multi-purpose design gives the Explorer versatility in while performing lawn and garden maintenance.

The Explorer came with a front-mount deck available in widths ranging from 44-inches to 60-inches. The full-floating deck features a 10-gauge top and 7-gauge side skirts and are available in side or rear discharge. All of the available decks have triple blades, cast-aluminum spindle housings with dual ball bearings, and a top access grease fitting.

A 20 HP Kohler Command engine provides the power for the Exmark Explorer. The hydrostatic drive system has twin Hydro Gear pumps and twin Parker/Ross wheel drive motors. Unlike most Exmark models, the Explorer features twin hydraulically dampened adjustable steering levers comfortably located between the operator’s legs.

The Explorer has a grass collection system that fills two easy-to-empty 3-bushel catcher tubs. You can also exchange the grass collection system for a multiuse utility box that can carry up to 200 lbs. of cargo. This is great for keeping lawn tools and supplies like fertilizer, hedge clippers, and leaf blowers right within arm’s reach.

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Here is a list of Exmark Explorer Models

Explorer / Explorer II S/N 102,000-114,999, EXS-20KC-2 S/N 102,000-114,999 (1995), EXS-20KC S/N 102,000-114,999 (1995)
Explorer / Explorer II S/N 115,000-129,999, EXS-20KC S/N 115,000-129,999 (1996), EXS-20KC-2 S/N 115,000-129,999 (1996)
Explorer / Explorer II S/N 80,000-89,999, EXS-18KO-2 S/N 80,000-89,999 (1993), EXS-18KO S/N 80,000-89,999 (1993), EXS-20KO S/N 80,000-89,999 (1993), EXS-20KC-2 S/N 80,000-89,999 (1993)
Explorer / Explorer II S/N 90,000-101,999, EXS-20KC S/N 90,000-101,999 (1994), EXS-20KC-2 S/N 90,000-101,999 (1994)
Explorer 1800 S/N 1st Year Production, EXS-18KO-2 (1st Year Production), EXS-20KO (1st Year Production), EXS-18KO (1st Year Production), EXS-20KC-2 (1st Year Production)
Explorer S/N 130,000-149,999, EX20KC S/N 130,000-149,999 (1997)
Explorer S/N 70,000-79,999, EXS-18KO-2 S/N 70,000-79,999 (1992), EXS-20KC-2 S/N 70,000-79,999 (1992), EXS-18KO S/N 70,000-79,999 (1992), EXS-20KO S/N 70,000-79,999 (1992)